Spinal Injury Lawyer

Medical Malpractice cases for spinal Injuries has been increasing over the past few years. Hospitals and Doctors are mistreating injuries, resulting in paralysis or other injury that will affect the rest of the injured individual’s life negatively. When you are a victim of a spinal injury and it is not your fault, you should make sure to check into speaking with a Medical Malpractice Lawyer as soon as possible. They can help you receive the compensation you deserve. This compensation will pay for medical treatment, long-term care, personal assistants, special equipment, or any other thing you need to make your life easier.

Statistics of Spinal Injuries in U.S.: According to the Foundation for Spinal Cord Injury Prevention, there are approximate 12,000 new reported cases of spinal injuries in the US each year. In the United States, it is estimated that over 259,000 people are living with injury related spinal cord issues. Approximately 80% of the spinal cord injuries are male. Motor Vehicle accidents represent about 42 % of the spinal cord injuries where 26% were due to falls. It is unsure what the statistics are today for people suffering spinal injuries due to medical malpractice but it are high enough to take notice.

Falls, Faulty Equipment Injuries: The incidence of incorrect diagnosis, surgeries that went wrong, and falls from nursing homes or hospitals is rising. Faulty equipment can sometimes result in a fall that causes incomplete damage to the spinal area. These individuals usually suffer from depression because they are unable to complete the tasks they use to participate in before the injury. These individuals will also suffer pain and stress from the injury. Most falls or faulty equipment claims can be easily substantiated if the equipment was at fault. Falls on wet floors or tripping over rugs is some of the complaints that land the individual in the hospital for treatment. If there is, no break showing on the x-ray the physician at the emergency room will usually prescribe pain pills and send the patient home. They do not address the fact that the individual will suffer pain from strains and cracks that may not show up on x-ray. Swelling in the spinal column can also cause severe pain and difficulties sitting or walking. Wrong diagnosis is one of the leading causes of medical malpractice for spinal injuries in the United States.

Surgery Gone Wrong: Spinal injury can also be a result from poor surgeries. When a surgeon is operating and hits a wrong nerve or hits the spinal column, the result can be very painful. People that suffer from nerve damage have difficulty walking, controlling the movement, controlling their toileting, and taking care of their selves. These individuals can suffer from depression, anxiety, and embarrassment because of the surgeon’s mistake. This is a case of medical malpractice that should be examined. The spinal injury lawyer can gather the medical records from the surgeon and hospital. He or she will review the records and then request specific testing to be done by another physician. The results of the testing could make the case for the person.

Negotiations: When there is any issue regarding medical malpractice because of a spinal injury, it is not your fault. It is important that the individual seek professional consultations because a spinal injury could result in a lifelong disability. Medical malpractice lawyers will meet with the insurance companies for the surgeons or hospitals and try to reach an agreement that is good for all parties involved. Sometimes the insurance company will not settle and demands the case go to court. Usually the cases that go to court will end up with a larger settlement. Insurance companies are responsible for paying when there is a medical malpractice lawsuit. This is why the physicians and hospitals carry insurance. No one is perfect and people do make mistakes. When these mistakes happen, it can affect more than the individual that is suffering the injury. It can affect family members, and the individual’s ability to work. Someone needs to be responsible for the injury and the bills associated with the injury.

People do not realize that things such a stroke can cause individuals to suffer paralysis. Strokes can be a result of misdiagnosis or wrong treatment for blood pressure. Strokes can also come because of a surgery that goes wrong. When a person suffers a stroke, they can end up partially paralyzed on one side or they can be totally paralyzed resulting in the need for full time care. This also results in major medical bills and care bills that the person should not be responsible. When a surgeon makes a mistake during surgery and causes paralysis or injury to spine, make sure to cover yourself by contacting a spinal injury lawyer that is qualified to handle the case. Living with a spinal injury can drastically change an individual’s life.