Physician Error

Bet you have heard of the man that went into the hospital to have surgery on his knee and ended up with the other leg cut off. On the other hand, maybe two people with the same last name ending up being treated for the others illnesses. This may not be very common but you can bet, it is more common than you think. People come in and expect the best expert treatment, for their illness or injury but instead, end up with physician errors that cause them injury. Many physicians make errors, but so do pharmaceutical companies, nurses, and hospitals.

Malpractice Lawyers:

Medical malpractice issues happen all over the world. Physicians are human and make mistakes, just like you or I. However the stakes are much higher when a physician makes a mistake while you are under their care. One wrong move or decision could cost you your life. So, what can you do if you are victim of medical malpractice? Who can you call to investigate your case and present a lawsuit if you have just cause for the suit? There are wonderful attorneys that are very informed about medical rights. They know how to read charts and understand what is supposed to happen, as well as understanding what actually happened. These lawyers will investigate by speaking with staff, the hospital administrator, the insurance company for the physician or hospital and the patient’s family. These lawyers will help you with your case before they are paid for their services. They usually wait for compensation until your case is won.

Types of Cases of Physician Error:

Surgeons are always under suspicion when a patient dies on the table. It does not matter if the patient signs a consent for surgery or not. If something happens, the family will request an investigation to make sure it was not the doctor’s fault. Medical malpractice can come into play when the surgeon uses faulty equipment or the physician accidentally leaves a surgical tool inside the patient. Complications can be as simple as an infection, but could potential lead to wrongful death in more serious cases.

Family doctors can make mistakes with medications and treatments. Sometimes they are guessing at the best treatment for an illness. Sometimes they guess wrong. When a new medication is the answer, the physician should cover him or herself by explaining the medication is new and giving the patient the option to choose to take or not. It would be smart on the part of the physician to request a consent signed stating he or she told the patient but this is not usually, what the doctor will do.

Nurses sometimes give the wrong medications to patients. There are cases where nurses have confused patients and given the wrong medications. Most of the time there is no harm but if the medication controlled blood pressures or insulin, there could be damage from the wrong medication.


According to the “New England Journal of medicine”, the major number of patients claiming medical malpractice were females. After looking at over 1452 cases of malpractice, approximately one in five were babies. The senior population has their share of cases as well. People over age 65 counted for about twelve percent. The average awards for medical malpractice suits were between 290 and 363 thousand.
When reviewing the mistakes percentages of hospitals, about sixty-one percent won their cases against hospitals. The most common of the errors made in hospitals were surgeries gone wrong or misdiagnosis.

Get Legal Advice:

When you or your family has a possible medical malpractice case, you should seek an attorney that has experience with handling medical cases. It is a good idea to discuss with your potential attorney the type of case you may have. Not all medical malpractice lawyers are able to provide the specialized investigation that you may need for your case. Most lawyers will consent to a free consultation. Ask questions for the answers you need to make your decision on your lawyer. It is a good idea to ask about the number of cases and how many were successfully won by his or her firm. Another good question to ask is how many cases they have successfully negotiated out of trial and how many went to trial.


When you or a loved one is injured from something that was the fault of a physician, a nurse, a hospital, or any medical facility, seek a medical malpractice attorney in your area. Make sure that the attorney is available to put his or her attention into your case. Make sure to sign a consent for the lawyer to get copies of any medical evidence available. When pursuing a medical malpractice case because of a prescription recall or injury, make sure to follow up by removing the medication and contacting your pharmacist. No one plans to being injure by someone that is trained to save lives, but it does happen. Know your rights!